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Elite Dangerous Planetary Landing Expansion Out Now

Ah, that special day in any game with a colon in its name’s life – when it releases its first expansion, and with it its first dash. Welcome, Frontier, to the hallowed ranks of the :- club. Now you too will be a nightmare for proof-readers and CMS tag databases the world over.

But wait …

Report: Kojima starting up new studio, in talks with Sony

UPDATE: It’s official. Sony has released a statement and a short video confirming it is collaborating with Hideo Kojima and his newly formed studio Kojima Productions on a new title that will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced the news in a video on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel, …

Cardboard Children – Talisman Forever

Hello youse.

Well, they’ve announced yet another expansion for one of my favourite board games – Talisman. And I want to just talk on Talisman a little bit today and what’s important about games like that – particularly as we’re just round the corner from Christmas. Talisman isn’t the most popular game with board game …

Bayonetta is the final Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U DLC character

Nintendo has announced Bayonetta and Corrin from the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates as upcoming downloadable characters for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U.

Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates is yet another representative from the strategy RPG series. He attacks using his special sword, and his Final Smash is a torrential waterspout which catches …

Out-of-Work Vampire Hunters Should Apply to The Curse of Issyos


For all of the inspirations Locomalito lists for The Curse of Issyos, Castlevaniaseems like its biggest influence. The mythological monsters, steep challenge, and overall action feel like a strong nod to the sidescrolling horror games, with Issyos feeling like it would be right at home with the earlier entries in the series. So, …

Destiny launches level boost packs priced £25

You can now pay £24.99 to boost a character to level 25 in Destiny.

The level packs are available for each of the game’s three characters – Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Destiny expansion The Taken King launched in September with one character boost included. This is the same offer, albeit with a subclass boost and …

Park Life: Planet Coaster’s Creation Tools

The second developer diary for Frontier’s Planet Coaster [official site] has arrived. It covers the creation tools that will let you modify everything from rollercoasters to individual buildings and rocks. I had zero expectations about the theme park management game but this video, along with the crowd tech in the last diary, …

Shadow of the Colossus Book Review – In the Shadow of the Self


Images courtesy of

When Shadow of the Colossus (Shadow) came out in 2005, I was too busy playing God of War to notice it. Too caught up in Warioware. Too tangled with twitchy combat in Devil May Cry 3. Its open expanses didn’t interest me. Sure, boss fights sounded great, …

Freeware Pick: Raik by Harry Giles

raik.pngPoet, wordsmith, performer, Edinburgh-dweller and occasional twine author Harry Giles has crafted an incredibly intriguing interactive fiction in both Scots and English and is now also the first person to ever create a game in Scots. Said game, Raik, originally an IF Comp entry, has been expanded and polished and now lets you play …

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