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Pokémon Go will let you trade Pokémon in future update

Pokémon Go has not long made its debut on smartphones, but developer Niantic is already teasing what’s next for the location-based game.

While the app encourages players to work together to locate and lure Pokémon out in the wild, there are plans to introduce one of the mainstays of the franchise – trading – …

Long War Studios Release New XCOM 2 Mods

The Long War is one of the great mods, expanding Firaxis’ XCOM reboot in ways that called back to the campaign of the original game while also building on what was brilliant in the new version. The team behind it formed a studio and are now working on their own aliens vs Earth game, Terra

UK release of Pokémon Go “paused until we’re comfortable”

UPDATE 11TH JULY: Now then, the Wall Street Journal has today run a report that says Pokémon Go will “likely be available in other regions, including Europe, Japan and other Asian nations within a few days”. That info comes from “people familiar with plans for the game”, apparently.

“Days” bodes well for a release this …

RimWorld Alpha 14 Adds Scenarios, Comes To Steam

When I last played top-down sci-fi survival-strategy RimWorld, it was barely playable at all. When Alec last played RimWorld it had grown into an impressive blend of Prison Architect and Dwarf Fortress. When Adam last played RimWorld, which was more recently than Alec, he sang its praises to me privately.

So I’m excited, then. …

Screenshot Saturday Highlights – July 9, 2016

This weekend, our perusal of Screenshot Saturday reveals Norse warriors, eldritch horrors, and distant astronauts;

The Great Whale Road
Sunburned Games | PC | July 2016 (Early Access)
Amid the harsh life and dangers of the Dark Ages, The Great Whale Road follows the journey of a Norse clan as they travel the North sea, …

Click To End The Torments Of Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Limited Edition


Players can embrace the rock rolling, apple eating, liver saving action of Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Limited Edition, helping some mythological Greek characters out of their respective binds. By clicking rapidly, players can help Prometheus out of his eagle jam, as well as loan Sisyphus some back strength to get his boulder up …

Overwatch beta adds new season-spanning Competitive Play mode

There’s a new Overwatch closed beta update and it adds an all new ranked mode.

Dubbed Competitive Play, this new mode is “Designed for those seeking a more serious challenge,” Blizzard wrote in its forum. The new mode lets players “rank up though a series divisions and tiers in monthly seasons.”

You’ll have to …

Wot I Think: Ashes of the Singularity Singleplayer

Ashes of the Singularity [official site] was released last week after months in early access, promising huge Supreme Commander-style battles and furious tactical decision-making. But is it simply walking in the giant robot footsteps of its predecessors? Brendan tells us wot he thinks.

… [visit site to read more]

Friday Night Lights: The RPS Rezzed Mixer

Maybe you’re a veteran of the RPS Social Club or maybe you’re preparing to travel to Rezzed hoping to meet some fellow RPS readers for the first time. Either way, if you’re going to be at the show, you’ll be able to meet friends old and new, and some RPS writers as well, at the …

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